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Curl for Cancer 2017!!

The annual Curl for Cancer is coming up on Feb 11. This is a one day bonspiel where everyone is a winner!!

Deadline for entry: Feb 4, 2017
First 16 teams accepted.

Click here for more information


New Monday League Draw Sheets Available

The 2nd draw for the Monday League is now available. The team listings and schedule is available on the Monday Evening page.


Pat Kelly Bonspiel Jan 20-21

The annual Pat Kelly bonspiel will be running Jan 20-21. The sign-up sheet is available at the club.

Pat Kelly Bonspiel - Jan 20-21


Curling Returns on Monday Jan 2!!

Just a reminder that the regular leagues resume this week, starting with the Monday league on Jan 2nd.

Hope to see everyone out. If you are still travelling, please try to find a spare.


Ice Plant Repaired

A very big THANK YOU goes out to our ice crew for all their hard work and tireless dedication to keeping us operational.
Below is an update on the recent issue from our amazing Ice Crew.


As some of you may be aware, on a routine check this Thursday at noon, it was discovered there was a significant decrease in the brine system head tank indicating a leak in the brine system (the fluid that cools the ice). The ice plant was shut down and a leak search was initiated. On Thursday afternoon, a leak was located on one of the nipple connections to the brine supply header (under the walkway at the scoreboard end of the ice).  AC Mechanical of Ottawa was called and they arrived at 8:30 am Friday to assist us with a repair.  The repair area is very congested, complicating the repair process. After much perseverance, a repair was installed. The brine system was refilled, vented and pressurized and the leak site observed Friday evening and again this morning. The repair is successfully holding. The ice condition has been assessed and it will be ready for curling in time for the Boxing Day Fun Spiel. The assistance from AC Mechanical was excellent and has resulted in keeping us operational! Their support so close to Christmas is greatly appreciated.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

Your friendly neighbourhood ice crew


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