We are ready to start our 5th Junior and Little Rock Curling season since we revived our youth curling  program in 2014. Last year we had a total of 24 kids (age 7 to 15). The age 10 and older Juniors are playing  with the Big Rocks. Those age 6 to 9 are the little rockers (who play with the half size 20 lb little rocks).  The emphasis of the program is on learning the skills and etiquette of curling, and having fun. The  program takes place on Tuesdays after school from 4:00- 5:15 pm with coaching and supervision  provided. Depending on numbers, we may need more supervision help (you need not be a curler to  supervise) so if you are interested, please let us know.

For this year’s program we hope to start some interclub games on the occasional Sunday.

The coaching team will be led by Head Coach, Chris Knight, with assistance of Leo Buckley, Jim Nichols  and Connie Robinson and if you have any questions about the program please contact Chris at  [email protected] or 613-584-2888 .