Last season, some of our ‘stick curlers’ played a few games using the Canadian Stick Curling Association  rules and enjoyed their time on the ice. A team consists of 2 players, 1 at each end of the sheet, and the 2  delivering curlers alternate delivering 6 stones each while their teammates skip that end. Roles are then  reversed for the next end and a game consists of 6 ends. No sweeping is allowed and a game usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. Each player delivers a total of 18 stones (compared to 16 in a regular 8 end game) and  each player gets to skip for half of each game.

Daytime ice is available Monday through Friday (weekends also available for those members who still have  to work!). If there is enough interest in this form of the game a league will be organized. Initially, ‘show up  when and if you can’ games will be tried out. Stick curlers, those who anticipate it in their future, or  anyone who is interested can contact Gord Howie at [email protected] or (613) 584-3590 for further  information.

Copies of the C.S.C.A. rules and a signup sheet for those who want to try it  out will be on the notice board on Registration Night.