The changes were made to eliminate 3 person teams, particularly on Tuesday nights.  Details of the changes for each evening are below.

Monday:  Alan Carmichael and Debra  Johnson were kind enough to agree to change evenings and switch to Tuesday nights.  They will be replaced on Bernie’s team by Barry Sullivan and Angela Pryor.  This will give us 13 full teams on Mondays.  The new (Rev 2) Monday schedule is effective on November 19.

Tuesday:  Prior to Alan and Debra agreeing to change nights, the Tuesday league had two 3 person teams.  The “trade” and the addition of a new member brought the league to 6 complete teams.  Please check the schedule as some of the teams have been changed.  The new (rev 2) Tuesday schedule is effective on November 20.

Thursday:  The names of 2 members of Jim Nichols team and 1 person on Martin Chisholm’s team have been added to the rosters.  The actual schedule is unchanged.

Hopefully these will be the last changes until these schedules run their course.