The Situation

The current plastic rink piping and supply headers were installed in 1989 and are at or near their end of life (expected life of 20-25 years). In the past few years, several brine leaks have been experienced due to failure of header take-off nipples. The most recent failure occurred in December of 2016 resulting in a difficult repair. During this repair, a crack occurred in the main 6-inch supply header. Through luck and good fortune, the header did not leak. However, the crack is an indication of just how brittle the plastic piping has become. Any substantial leak in the header piping would require termination of a curling season to repair.

During the past 2 seasons a significant amount has been spent on ice plant maintenance, a large percentage of which is related to ice piping repairs. This trend can be expected to increase in the coming years.

The brine chiller was installed in 1989 and although it is currently not leaking, it is near end of life as well (expected life of 20-25 years). There is efficiency of cost and work if replacement of the brine chiller is carried out at the same time.

Path Forward

A very large donation has been received by an extremely generous and dedicated member permitting the club to move forward with refurbishing the ice piping and headers but additional funds are needed to refurbish the brine chiller as well as to cover other issues that may arise.

The curling club presented the situation to its members for a vote. The motion was approved and a project committee has been formed to oversee and control the approved work and provide reports to the executive and members.

The work to be completed consists of:

Part 1
Replace the rink piping, supply and return headers. This work will include re-levelling of the sand base and installation of a sealed water barrier (poly plastic) on top of the rink floor installation.

Part 2
Replace the brine chiller and its associated piping.

These upgrades will require donations from members and the community to fund the upgrades and significant volunteer effort from the club members to complete the work.

How can you help?

Members can pledge to donate funds volunteer effort to support these upgrades

Curling club members and members of the local community who wish to support the club can donate directly

Non-local people who would like to donate or anyone who would prefer to donate online can do so via Go Fund Me

Any and all help is very much appreciated by the club and will ensure it is available for the community for many years to come.